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  Customer Day of Shanghai Tan Neng Wind Power of 2016 - the First Stop Tongliao Inner Mongolia
  The 7th China Wind Power O&M Service Around-Table Forum

On April 13, 2016, sponsored by Shanghai Tan Neng Wind Power, the 2016 Customer Day of Wind Power-the First Stop Tongliao Inner Mongolia and the 7th Wind Power Operational Service BBS of China was held in Conutry Garden Fenghuang Hotel of Tongliao. This meeting has invited wind operators as Longyuan Tongliao, Huaneng Tongliao, Huadian International Tongliao, Guohua Tongliao, Datang Tongliao, Tepco maolin and Shenzen Energy Tongliao, co-sponsors as ESK, Corona, Sichuan Jingtong and support units as LAMBRCHT, SCHUNK, REE, CJC, and STAUFF to participate in all the way.

The meeting has shared the following issues:

I. Supply and demand situation of spare parts of wind turbine generator
1. The market demand of spare parts of wind turbine generator grows rapidly;
2. The whole machine manufacturers, components manufacturers, third-party service providers and some individual spare parts provider are in a mess;
3´╝ÄVicious competition leads to counterfeit and shoddy products filled with wind power spare parts market, which seriously threatens the safe operation of wind turbines;
4. The prices of monopoly spare parts stay high, which constantly pushes up operating costs of wind power;
5. The halting production and long delivery time of imported parts seriously influence the smooth operation of wind turbines.

II. Discussion on wind turbine generator spare parts platform and regional spare parts storage
1. TN introduced the spare parts platform.
2. ESK introduced the storage and logistics.

III. Adaptive upgrading and reconstruction of wind turbine generator
1. Kono introduced the solution to the upgrading and reconstruction of current transformer, pitch-control, and master control of wind turbine generator;
2. Lambrecht introduced the overall technical enhancement plan of anemorumbometer, which effectively solved the influence of ice and snow, winter rain, sand and dust weather on sensor measuring precision and the generating capacity of the unit.

IV. Live conversation about the inventory and management of wind power plant spare parts
1. Supplies and warehouse management experts discuss face to face with field personnel of wind power plant about the storage and management wind power plant spare parts;
2. Spare parts manufacturers go to the site to understand the use of products, and answer on-site questions for wind power plant.






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